Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quarter Scale Dinner at Grandma's

This is a quarter scale roombox from Quarter Connect to celebrate NAME Day October 2, 2010. The roombox and frame came from Luci Hanson (Cascade Miniatures), dining set and sideboard from Karen Cary, and hutch designed by Debbie Young (Young at Heart Miniatures). Only 100 kits were available. I am so happy I was able to get a kit. Wonderful project, very easy to put together. I also participated in the tote exchange where you make 11 items and get 10 items in return. Several of the exchange items appear in the roombox. I made all the other accessories myself.

I painted the hutch barn red to bring attention to it since all the furniture are a bland golden oak stain. Dinner & salad plates are on the top shelf, canned foods in vintage labels on the 2nd shelf, essentials (flour, tea, coffee, salt, pepper ) napkin caddy on the 3rd shelf. Hard to see, but there is a laser cut cutting board beside the napkin caddy. The "grater" is from an earring finding.

The place settings were from an exchange---wonderful! Dinner (rolls, turkey w/carrot & tomato bed, and salad) is set.
The rug is from a jacquard ribbon.

The sideboard has a plate of fruits (grapes, oranges, apples), brownies, and chocolate pie with whipped cream and cherries on top.

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