Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fiesta Table

This is the project I was able to finish today. It is one inch scale. Another wonderful kit from Jane Jacobs bought at the Gateway Miniature Show in Spring 2010. The kit took a little longer to make, but still fairly easy. I had reservations about making the donkey pinata, but sometimes just plunging in is what's required. That and having a good picture to work off of.
There were a lot more stuff to make for this table setting---4 margaritas, hot sauce bottle, a bowl of guacamole & salsa, 2 place settings, 10 tacos, a donkey pinata, a sombrero with two maracas, a bowl of tortilla chips, a cactus plant, and napkins.

I don't think I would have been able to finish this if I had taken the workshop. Anytime you have to chop up food (mini food at that) you can forget about finishing up early. Plus I always get distracted by what other people are doing and get insecure about my own set-up. Working on my own, I can proceed at my own pace and let my imagination loose.

This is a side view of the table. I'm ready for some margaritas, how about you?


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