Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fall Table

Hello everyone, I completed two one-inch scale UFOs in two days---I'm on a roll LOL. This Fall Table is a kit I bought from Jane Jacobs back in April 2010 at the Gateway Miniature Spring Show (St. Louis). Boy, talk about an easy kit, I was able to complete it in one evening. I used virtually all the materials that came with the kit, referred to the one picture I had of the completed kit, and voila! It went really fast because a lot of the items were pre-painted and we only had to glue the items in place.
This is the overall view of the table. Even though the tablecloth is black, there are punches of bright colors throughout which livens the overall look. I loved being able to use orange, which isn't seen often.

The table is all set for a festive evening (I have never hosted a Halloween party in real life, but in minis anything is possible LOL). There is a tree sprouting bat "leaves", an acorn bowl with potato chips, a pumpkin with flowers & greenery, orange paper plates, napkins matching the tablecloth, a punch bowl, and candles in a pumkin holder.

I forgot to mention there's a Bundt cake with chocolate frosting, a bowl of popcorn, and utensils in an apple-like holder.

If you liked this, your comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

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