Saturday, August 28, 2010

QS Art Deco Art Museum

Front view of Art Museum

Made from kit by Michelle Faleshock

I applied a self-adhesive vinyl covering from RR hobby shop instead of painting & wallpapering

Caladiums & hostas made from D&K Smith kits

Side view of building

I added scrap wood trim to the sides to even out the trims
already provided and to hide unsightly glue seams

The ceilings were wallpapered with a gift wrap paper that had embossing. The paper was green foil so I colored over with Krylon silver leaf paint pen.

The ceiling fixtures were made from snowflake jewelry finding and adding Swavroski crystals for the "lights".

Each floor wing highlights works from my favorite artists.

This is the Andrew Wyeth wing featuring the Helga paintings that debuted when I was in high school. The full nude figure painting is of a 15-yr old girl that I saw in RL at the AW museum in the city he lived in.

This is the Vincent Van Gogh wing. I included a painting of sunflowers as a tribute to Kansas' state flower. Mary Cassatt's "The Boating Party" is at upper left.
Renoir's wing is on second floor left. Gustav Klimt/Art Deco wing is on 1st floor left wing.
A side view of the Renoir wing--left, and John Singer Sargent wing is 2nd floor right. Hiroshige's prints are 1st floor right wing.
More of the Gustav Klimt/Art Deco wing.
More John Singer Sargent wing.Monet's Garden is next to entry door wall.
Overall back view of the museum.

Benches: ends are decorative tiles on the front, but had Michelle size them down so they would be appropriate scale for the rooms. The seat was made with self-adhesive foam to trim and covered with silk brocade fabric.

Picture frames: came from Tee Pee Crafts UK, window frames that came with kit, or self-adhesive foam for the backing. The "paintings" were printed on canvas paper from art section of Hobby Lobby and sealed with Triple Thick.

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